My Time in London: A Review

In December of 2014, my mum and I travelled to Newcastle, England for a couple of weeks to visit family and friends. On our way back to Australia, we spent a few days in London, and it was an amazing experience.

We arrived in London on a Tuesday morning, and after having a shower and getting properly dressed at our hotel, we decided to spend the remainder of our afternoon exploring the Christmas Markets in Hyde Park. The markets were bustling with both locals and other tourists, and consisted of stalls, rides and attractions. The decorations were extremely festive, and it was extremely fulfilling to see everyone come together and celebrate the season in this way. My first day in London definitely set the bar high for the rest of my visit.

This is a video blog of my first day in London, and my time exploring the Christmas Markets:


On the second day of our visit, my mum asked me what I wanted to do, and of course I decided on seeing Buckingham Palace. Although we didn’t get a chance to see any of the royal family – I can’t imagine why – it was really extraordinary to be able to stand at the gates and see where they all live. For me, it was one of the highlights of the trip.
IMG_8893 IMG_8903

After dropping into the Buckingham Palace gift shop and picking up some souvenirs – a Royal Buckingham Palace shot glass included – we made our way to Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, it was forbidden to take photos or record videos inside the church, but it would have been difficult to properly capture the beauty of the place in a simple photograph. Witnessing the burial places and monuments for the previous Kings and Queens was very enlightening, and it was also interesting to see the exact spot where Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge were married. IMG_8900 IMG_8905IMG_8911

My mum and I were determined to see as many famous attractions and places as we could in the four days we were in London, and fitting everything into those four days was a little difficult at times – however, 100% worth the careful planning. Although it was excruciatingly cold for those of us who had gotten used to the typical Australian temperatures, the weather boasted clear skies and sun for the majority of our visit (except for the day we visited the Tower of London and the London Bridge, as seen below) allowing for beautiful photographs and an ease of transportation. 

i would highly recommend a trip to London for anyone with a love of travelling and the bustling of a big city. It is one of my favourite places I’ve ever visited, and I hope to return to London for another visit once I have completed my degree – hopefully for a lot longer than four days!

** All of the photographs and videos were taken and recorded by me.


‘Pitch Perfect 2’: A Review


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   Pitch Perfect 2 touched down on Australian shores on the 7th of May, bringing the promotion of sisterhood, female empowerment and acapella along in its wings. The Barden Bellas are back, and audiences all over the globe have gathered to witness the next stage of their acapella success, eager to escape into a world of music, friendship and hilarity.

With any solution there must initially be a problem, and the storyline of Elizabeth Banks’s Pitch Perfect 2 is no different, as the film begins with a wardrobe malfunction at Lincoln Center involving the character, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), and the malfunction evolves into a media scandal resulting in the Barden Bellas being banned from competing and auditioning in the USA. However, there is a loophole, and the Bellas set out to both gain back their status and win the acapella world championships – which no team from the US has ever won before.

Despite the prominent focus on acapella and the Bellas’ right to perform, there is also an underlying theme throughout the film of ‘moving on’; Beca (Anne Kendrick) attends an internship at a music production company and Chloe (Brittany Snow) is desperate to keep the Bellas together due to her fear of graduating and creating a life outside of her acapella group.

The script is clever and the lines are very quick-witted, with the broad selection of musical numbers really accentuating the light-heartedness of the film in the best way. The characters are extremely relatable to their audiences, and although there is a shift in some of the characters’ roles in comparison to the original film, the audience does not leave feeling as though they have missed out. The film’s easy humour allows it to reach people of all ages, and it is the perfect film for a laugh without having to think too much about what’s happening.

Despite the many good points of the film, the plot did feel slightly repetitive of the first film at times. The need for the Bellas to prove themselves and the testing of their friendships are evident in both the first and second film, and I do believe that the film may have been a little more enticing had it followed another sequence of events or plotline. There were also a couple of instances in which the humour was a little too easy or ‘overused’, and I was left feeling slight second-hand embarrassment rather than particularly humoured.

Overall, the film was hilarious and enjoyable, and I would recommend making time to see it on the big screen. The music will have you dancing in your seat, and Fat Amy’s inappropriate comments will almost have you crying with laughter. A blockbuster movie featuring a range of various music genres and ages does not come around very often these days, and with all aspects of the film considered, I’m definitely praying for a third installment.