Who I wanted to be vs. Who I want to be

Our dreams can change dramatically from when we are five years old, up until the time we are actually told to choose our paths. For some, the dream remains the same, only intensified and much more detailed. But for the rest of us, we become focused on different career paths – perhaps ones that we are better suited to. I set out to discover how many of my classmates had held onto their childhood dreams, and in interviewing my peers, it was interesting to find that the majority had not followed the dreams they’d had as a child, and only a select few had.

Music: Gillicuddy – ‘Instrumental #2 Revisited’


Why did you decide to study at UOW?

With a vast selection of universities to choose from in Australia, I set out to discover why my fellow students had decided on the University of Wollongong for their studies. Whether it was the beautiful campus or the high standards of their courses, it was clear that the students were happy with UOW and the services that the university provided – even if it was just the free stuff! With various references to the “beautiful campus”, it seems that a number of students at UOW enjoy studying at a university which is not in the city, and this is supported by a statement from one of the students in the video.

Music: Gillicuddy – ‘Springish’