Assessment One: Reflection

    For my first JRNL102 assessment, I decided to choose my mum as my interviewee. My main goal was to investigate her decisions to move our family from the North of England to Sydney, Australia in June 2007, and discover her initial reactions to the new environment. Through conducting the interview, I am hoping to express both the difficulties that come with moving from one country to another whilst leaving the majority of your family behind in the process, and also portray the eventual sense of belonging that can occur once a migrant has established a connection with their new environment. 

    I hope to use a selection of ambient sounds to assist with the mood of the interview, such as the landing of a plane and the sound of rainfall. I am not necessarily aiming for the mood of the interview to be particularly sad or particularly happy, but rather a mixture of both so as to present both the pros and cons of migrating to another country. I believe that the point of suspense in the interview would be when my mum recounts some of her initial regrets in moving out to Australia.


My Sound Image Reflection

    Whilst I was recording my sound image, I faced a handful of obstacles and inconveniences. A lot of parents used this time to catch up with each other and so it was very difficult to solely record the sounds of the game without catching snippets of their conversation. The wind was also a slight issue at some points, and I have had to cut out a few parts of the audio because of this. It was also difficult to catch the high points of the game for recording as everything would happen so quickly, and I unfortunately missed out on recording a couple of the tries. I was, however, able to record the sounds of some tackles and kicks of the ball.

    Overall, I do believe that I have captured good sounds of a football game, including the blowing of a whistle, encouragement from the sidelines and a fair amount of shouting from the coaches. I enjoyed editing my audio together and was grateful to this assignment for forcing me to actually attend one of my brother’s football games – especially the last one of the season.