Mid Session Recess Task 1

Out of the seven projects that I viewed for task one, my favourite was Firestorm, with my least favourite project being Tomato Can Blues.

“The apocalypse is happening in Dunalley…”

Produced by The Guardian, Firestorm is an award-winning interactive project which tells the story of a family’s escape from a brutal fire in Dunalley on the 4th of January. It takes the viewer on an emotional journey, as the family flees their home and loses the house that they built 25 years prior. Instead of having to click through various links in order to continue the story, the viewer is merely required to scroll through as quickly or as slowly as preferred, allowing for the viewer to fully take in and comprehend the events and facts that are being presented by the interactive project. As well as the family’s story, the project also presents the viewer with information on the nature of fire and how exactly fire can start, as well as how it can grow. The project uses a variety of emotional images, including photographs of the brutality of the fire and the children hiding from the fire under the jetty in the river, as well as voiceovers of Tim and Tammy describing their experience and also comments from other Dunalley locals. The voiceovers contribute to the reality and danger within the story, evoking a range of emotions inside the viewer. The project also uses text for the viewer to scroll through, and mainly the text is used for discussing facts about bush fires and the politics of rebuilding after the fire’s effects. This project is extremely relevant to Australian audiences, as bush fires are something that all Australians can be in danger of due to the climate and landscape of the country.

“…the fighters were ready, the ring girls were on time and the Bud Light was cold.”

My least favourite project was Tomato Can Blues by Mary Pilon, due to the fact that the project seemed to me more like a blog rather than an interactive project. Although the graphics were interesting and of high quality and the story was emotionally appealing, there was nothing really “interactive” about it, as the project did not include any videos, voiceovers or anything else multimedia-like.


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