‘Tears and Trust’ – Critique

My favourite ‘emotional histories’ piece was the ‘Tears and Trust’ story, due to the emotion that the story held. The piece included a healthy mixture of both emotional and humorous connotations, an example being the reference to the “birds and thr birds, and the bees and the bees”. The ambient sounds of the cutlery when discussing sitting down to dinner and the sounds of a school playground when discussing the bullying at school assisted in the telling of the story and allowed the listener to become more involved and a part of the story. The background music also enhanced both the tone and the mood of the story, and the closeness of the relationship between Zachary and his mother is also very evident. The story is told at a good pace; not too quickly and not too slowly, the edited very well. The story is very gripping as every piece of information is relevant to the story, and by the end of Zachary’s speech, the listener is able to feel a connection to both the subject and the situation.


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