Who I wanted to be vs. Who I want to be

Our dreams can change dramatically from when we are five years old, up until the time we are actually told to choose our paths. For some, the dream remains the same, only intensified and much more detailed. But for the rest of us, we become focused on different career paths – perhaps ones that we are better suited to. I set out to discover how many of my classmates had held onto their childhood dreams, and in interviewing my peers, it was interesting to find that the majority had not followed the dreams they’d had as a child, and only a select few had.

Music: Gillicuddy – ‘Instrumental #2 Revisited’


2 thoughts on “Who I wanted to be vs. Who I want to be

  1. A really interesting vox pop question and made me think back to what I wanted to be and I loved the musical accompianment, it suited it really well. Though when i watched this I had forgotten what they wanted to be by the start of the second question so you could have done a one worded caption at the bottom or side of the screen of what they wanted to be to remind the viewer of their original ideas. But again I really liked your question.

  2. i think it is a good vox pop question becuase you achieved quite a range of diversity in people’s answers. it was well edited and well paced as it seemed to have a nice and natural flow. Great Job!

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