“New York is always a good idea.”



Amelia Murphy, 18, dreams of Vogue and the Big Apple.

With a high interest in the entertainment and fashion industry, Amelia Murphy’s ultimate goal is to live and work in New York as a fashion editor for Vogue. Inspired by the likes of Angela Bishop and Carrie Bradshaw, Amelia began the next chapter of her life at the University of Wollongong in March 2014. Due to her passion for writing and love for her chosen field, she is studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies.   Amelia has also already had experience with her own radio show – The Milly-Dan and Jay Show – and will soon be featured in Girlfriend magazine in a photo-shoot.


One thought on ““New York is always a good idea.”

  1. This is a really interesting piece to read as it shows all relevant and interesting information about the subject. I really liked reading this and the idea for the photograph is excellent, though I do think that it would have been more effective if you had her reading a magazine instead of a book as it would have been more relatable to the subject, otherwise, well done.

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