“My ultimate goal is to be Tavi Gevinson.”


Maneesha Todd was already making magazine magic in her primary school days.

With a passion for magazines and the written word and deep fascination with humans, Maneesha Todd is currently studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Communication and Media, majoring in journalism and sociology. She is inspired by Tavi Gevinson, a teen journalist sensation and “general feminist wiz kid”, and has been creating magazines since she was in primary school, when she’d self-print numerous copies and hand them out to her classmates. In high school, Maneesha participated in the school magazine, eventually becoming the editor-in-chief, and has recently started her own blog. Her ultimate goal is to run an “amazing magazine” (or become Tavi Gevinson!).


Caitlyn’s Course & Career.

As a first year student, Caitlyn began her journey at UOW with excitement and enthusiasm. With big dreams in mind, she has chosen to study a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, enjoying the freedom that university provides and flexibility of lectures. Leaving behind her original dream to be a marine biologist, Caitlyn hopes to get a good job within the advertising and media field, and ultimately work her way up to the head of a company whilst enjoying the adventure. Caitlyn is excited to get involved in her chosen career field, as she admires that there are various jobs and aspects of the field that she can go into (e.g. radio, television etc.).

Music: Gillicudy – ‘Instrumental #2 Revisited’

Who I wanted to be vs. Who I want to be

Our dreams can change dramatically from when we are five years old, up until the time we are actually told to choose our paths. For some, the dream remains the same, only intensified and much more detailed. But for the rest of us, we become focused on different career paths – perhaps ones that we are better suited to. I set out to discover how many of my classmates had held onto their childhood dreams, and in interviewing my peers, it was interesting to find that the majority had not followed the dreams they’d had as a child, and only a select few had.

Music: Gillicuddy – ‘Instrumental #2 Revisited’

Film critic in the making.

Angus Collocott, 28, Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

Angus Collocott, 28, dreams of becoming a film critic.

The self-proclaimed “movie geek”, Angus Collocott, experienced a range of career fields before deciding to study a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies at UOW. So far, he has experience within retail, food, finance, marketing and management. Due to his love for movies and the emotional effects that movies can have, Angus decided that film journalism is the career for him. Inspired by the works of Mark Fennell, as well as Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton, it is clear that Angus has always had a passion for film, as he dreamed of becoming an actor when he was a child.

When the battle of Good vs. Evil takes a break…


On Thursday the 17th of April, the UniBar hosted their annual Super Heroes and Villians Party. On this funfilled night, students were encouraged to dress up as their alter-ego and join their classmates for drinks and a dance. The event featured King Tide and Tainted Fist, and was a cause for excitement among the UOW students, with prizes for ‘Best Dressed’ and great tunes to keep the dancefloor occupied. With drinks specials and good company, there’s no doubt that this annual event was a night for the students of UOW to remember and another exciting chance for new students to mingle with their peers.

Dine with the Ducks.


On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, UOW Wellbeing hosted the “Dine with the Ducks” event, which included a nutritious lunch for the university’s students completely free of charge. But, there was a catch; we were to sit at a table with other dining students and mingle. This was a brilliant idea, as it put forward the opportunity for new students to meet their classmates and have a free, healthy lunch in the process. Students from the Student Life team were also present, serving the food and conversing with those who chose to dine. This was an excellent way to remain connected to the university lifestyle, and the socializing over a tasty (and free!) lunch is sure to lift any student’s spirits.


Why did you decide to study at UOW?

With a vast selection of universities to choose from in Australia, I set out to discover why my fellow students had decided on the University of Wollongong for their studies. Whether it was the beautiful campus or the high standards of their courses, it was clear that the students were happy with UOW and the services that the university provided – even if it was just the free stuff! With various references to the “beautiful campus”, it seems that a number of students at UOW enjoy studying at a university which is not in the city, and this is supported by a statement from one of the students in the video.

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